Lyth pressure gauges row


Lyth-Instrument Oy is the leading manufacturer of pressure transmitter technology in Finland. The goal of our operation is to produce high-quality pressure and level measuring equipment as well as services related to pressure measuring technology for the process industry. LYTH-pressure- and level transmitters together with diaphragm seals, are always high-quality and reliable solutions that have been made to meet the customers specific process requirements.


Our history:

Lyth-Instrument Oy started manufacturing pressure gauges in 1943. Between 1975 and 1979, our production expanded to include pneumatic and hydraulic pressure transmitters, which were a major step forward in modern pressure measurement technology used in industrial applications. In 1985, we delivered the first LYTH pressure transmitters with 4-20mA output. Our goal is to develop and maintain, together with our customers, the ability of LYTH pressure measuring devices to operate in the most difficult measuring conditions in the process industry.


Information about Lyth:

  • founded in 1943
  • employees 15
  • share of export 21%
  • factory and head office in Riihimäki
  • regional offices in Lappeenranta, Kauhava and Tampere
  • distributor to Sweden, Lymont Oy
  • ISO 9001 standard in use but not certified

Lyth products:

  • diaphragm pressure transmitters
  • digital HART pressure- and level transmitters
  • pressure gauges, imports from Afrison Euro-Index, Germany
  • pressure- and temperature switches, imports from Custom Control Sensors, USA
  • thermometers and temperature measuring instruments


  • paper and wood processing industry
  • food and pharmaceutical industry
  • chemical industry
  • energy industry