Remember to attach the repair form with the device sent for repair.



Lyth-Instrument Oy has been a Finnish field device manufacturer specializing in pressure measurement technology since 1943. As a special service, our operations also cover repair and maintenance functions for the customers diaphragm pressure measuring devices. 


Diaphram pressure measuring devices used by the process industry that are in contact with the process material are mechanically and corrosively wearing parts. Our service specializes in performing maintenance on these devices, such as measuring diaphragm renewals and transfer fluid fillings. Repair costs are no more than about half the purchase price of a new similar device, so maintenance repairs are economically viable


The repaired device is comparable in function to a complete new device. The original manufacturer of make of the device is irrelevant. We are only able to make limited repairs to the electronics of the device sent for maintenance. 


Device sent for maintenance must be accompanied by a completed repair form. The repaired device comes with an original repair form that states the actions taken with the device. With the help of the forms, we are able to closely monitor the actions taken on the devices on their course. In all matters related to maintenance repairs, we will provide more information.


All products shipped for maintenance must be shipped to the factory address:


Peltosaarenkatu 8
11130 Riihimäki

p.  +358 19 760 330